What is EVE:Gunjack?

Chribba Veldspar broke the news of EVE:Gunjack via twitter, having found the Trademark Application online, and even got a response from a CCP employee on twitter.

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After various people asking “BAMM, what is EVE:Gunjack?”, here are the 4 most significant theories:


An Elaborate Troll by CCP
CCP is simply taking out a silly-named trademark to troll the New Eden community and then planning on letting it expire!


A Rebranding of Project Legion
The Trademark Application does talk about categories and services that sounds like it should be on a PC or Console, but these are pretty generic, and at the end of the day, there’s nothing to keep any of these to not also apply to a mobile VR game
Meanwhile the EVE:Legion trademark, and perhaps Project Legion, was shelved by CCP, at least temporarily, and the community at large has sort-of given up hope that this one will ever see the light of day.


Project Nemesis
The more likely option is that it is Project Nemesis getting branding, the GearVR game that CCP Games have been talking about at FanFest 2015 and elsewhere.
This is the game development that CCP Games is talking about, showing people and seem to be moving forward with!


Sekrit UE4 Game
Finally, perhaps this is for the theorised, secret UE4 based game, which may-or-may-not exist, for Console or PC, based on rumors, jobs postings etc.
Not particularly likely, since CCP Games tend to talk about their projects before registering trademarks, and because everything about this one is pure speculation and tinfoil!


Let us know your thoughts, ideas, comments – what do you think EVE:Gunjack is?!?