Week’o’Twitch – 17/11-21/11 – Warframing

Bammsters are proud to announce a week full of horribly poor game-play, streamed live!

Starting Monday, November 17th (17/11) through Friday, November 21st (21/11), most, or some, or a few of the Bammsters will play a game every day, badly.

Click right HERE to watch the streams (when they are live…)

09:30 UTC / 01:30 AM PST
Monday Warframe (PS4)
Tuesday Warframe (PS4)
Wednesday Warframe (PS4)
Thursday Warframe (PS4)
Friday Warframe (PS4)
09:30 UTC / 01:30 AM PST

(Yes, it is only Warframe for now, at 09:30 UTC; Beer and Bacon on tap, and on your plate)

Join us for a chat about Warframe (or other games), or see if we have room for 1 more in our squad!