Vehicular Assault

From the beginning, 2 years ago now, DUST514 has been very much focused on Infantry-based gameplay,  to the point that vehicles have had to be limited in certain gamemodes (Ambush) to avoid issues. This is a proposal for a game-mode and map-layout designed to focus on vehicles!

The full version of this Proposal is available here (PDF, 28MB) – what follows below, is the introduction from that document.


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Current gamemodes in DUST514 are largely infantry centered, to the point that vehicles have had to be limited in certain gamemodes (Ambush) to avoid issues.
Latest gamemode, Acquisition, does open more up for the use of vehicles, but is still centered around infantry.

At the same time, the majority of maps are at least partially infantry-oriented, with the use of the small-medium-large sockets where vehicles are generally at a disadvantage (by design) in the large socket buildings.

To counter the trend of infantry everywhere, this is a proposal for a vehicle-centric game-mode and map-collection, where infantry is relegated to a support-role and vehicles are required for traversing the maps and reach all objectives.

A limitation in the current (May 2015) version of DUST514 is the lack of water, lava, trees, or other impassable map-elements; these would help funnel infantry, while being passable by Dropships or even LAVs using (natural/artificial) ramps.

* Game-mode centered around the mobility and offensive capabilities of vehicles
* Map(s) sized to benefit vehicles over infantry, due to obstacles and distances
* Direct value from Dropships and LAVs as both mobility enhancers and support equipment (e.g. LogiLAV/ScoutLAVs, mCRU, Remote Reppers etc)
* Space for both HAVs and Dropships, without either overpowering the other (e.g. redline rails)