The Team

The Bammsters team is made up of gamers from multiple countries, who have all come together for the shared purpose of spreading fun and good living.


Bamm Havoc – Editor in Briefs
The Eponymous Bamm Havoc started this thing, that grew into Bammsters, along with Booker DaLooker, many moons ago, and today is responsible for YouTube content incl. video editing, as well as a core part of the content team, and 1 of the 2 main hosts on Rated-R. He can often be found asking strangers about beer and bacon, as he continues his quest for the perfect breakfast.
Booker DaLooker – Sr Foreign Correspondent
The first one to join this rag-tag ensemble, Booker provides not just a steady rock for Bamm’s ramblings, but also age and wisdom to the entire team. A british native, and go-to for his dulcet tones, he adds that distinctive feel of competence to a band of merry amateurs.
G – Evil Overlord
Responsible for many of the day-to-day operations, for messing up website code, and generally for whipping the rest of the team into an odd shape, G took on the Evil Overlord title because the rest ran around like headless chicken. He doubles as the other main host on Rated-R, when actually around and awake.
Grit Breather – Contributing Vegetarian
Anal beyond belief, Grit joined Bammsters to ensure there was at least some foundation for quality in an early interview with Keen, and to his continued confusion, he’s somehow being made to stay on and doing things he would never have believed possible.
Yo Jolly Roger – Sr 3rd World Correspondent
Draconusx – Resident PC MasterRacer
Drac just wants to have fun & play games, but somehow found himself roped in writing and talking about them as well. When he checks out a game it’s from the perspective of how he can have fun playing it so his reviews may tend to have a positive slant but that doesn’t mean he’s afraid to call out things that are bad.  Just don’t expect anything high-brow though, Drac is just your “common man” gamer and he speaks from that perspective.
Senisonb Light – Girl
Seni came on board after seeing the atrocity that was the look-and-feel of everything Bammsters, and thinking she could do better with one hand tied behind her back. Trained in the arts of artiness, and being artful, she possess immense art-skills, that are being employed in the continued betterment of the Bammsters website and media channels.
Unfortunately, her husband is not able to tie knots, so Bammsters continue to look horrible.
TJ – Comic Nerd Supreme
TJ grew up in New York and was enamored of comics from the moment he picked up his first one. The art, the stories, character development, this guy is a walking encyclopedia of Comic knowledge who’s been tested by some of the industries top professionals one on one and his passion for the industry can be felt in the stories he tells.