The Little Acre Early Access Review

This game came to our attention during research for an “Upcoming Games” segment and I was happy to get the chance to play the teaser and check it out. One of the things that really attracted me to The Little Acre is how different it was from the other things that are coming out. If you’ve seen or played the old Dragon’s Lair games, then animation style will be familiar to you. In fact the developers themselves have compared what they’ve worked on to Don Bluth, who worked on the Dragon’s Lair games and is also known for his work in many popular animated movies throughout the 80’s and 90’s.
What is The Little Acre?
The Little Acre is self-described as “an innovative point-and-click adventure providing a charming, story-led experience.” It has been developed by Pewter Games, a development team from Dublin, Ireland who got their start about 3 years ago. The game mechanics themselves are very simple and straightforward, as each screen loads you’ll be presented with a small environment you can walk around in and items that are highlighted to indicate you can interact with them. The trick at times is figuring out just how to interact with them and use the items you’ve found to continue on the story path.
Why should you check it out?
The art design is very enjoyable and the small little details in the various areas were a nice touch
in bringing those places to life. The main characters are a single dad and his daughter whom you take on this adventure to discover what happened to his father, are fun to listen to, especially in the case of the little girl who has a way of reminding us how we may have looked at the world once when we were kids and it was filled with magic and unknown places waiting to be discovered. I found the introduction to this story was very good at leaving quite a bit of mystery, while providing an interesting hook to draw me deeper into the game.
So while this might not be the typical game you’re into or may not even have been on your radar, I invite you to check out some of the gameplay from the start of the game here, and if you like what you see then head on over to Steam or GOG and pick up a copy on the 13th of December when the game comes out. The standard price for the game will be $12.99 but they are offering a 15% discount at launch.
Xbox One:

Bammsters’ Rating:

Design 10, Challenge 4, Fun 8, Replay 5, Price 8, for an overall rating of 7.0 out of 10.

The game itself is beautifully done and fun to play. While I’d like our rating to be higher, what brought it down was the fact, (at least in the teaser we played), it wasn’t overly challenging and with an apparent linear story there wouldn’t be much reason to replay it, aside from the fun you have listening to the characters along the way.