The Introduction of Snagman

Why hello there my fellow Gamers.

A few may know me by Snagman313 from Dust 514, I was the drunken Forge gun wielding lunatic and self proclaimed AV specialist. I have been given the opportunity to be a contributor to Bammsters and I am thrilled to have a place to voice some of my opinions.

For those of you who don’t know me I’ll fill you in on some of the basic points about myself and my gaming experience. In my very early days I used an Acorn Electron and then built a home made PC in my early teens. Since then I have had systems from all the major companies and most major titles for them all the way up to the PS4 I’m running today. My FPS experience started with Doom and Castle Wolfenstein but took a backseat for a few years to the C&C series until Medal of Honour came out and I got back into it from there, however I always found something missing in even the ‘AAA’ shooters.

I briefly found a home in Dust 514, a game with a lot of potential but that was poorly managed. However I found what I had been looking for in a game which was community, albeit a harsh one in this case! And with the fall of Dust came the rise of Destiny, well for me at least.

As a contributor I hope you will find me unbiased and honest although you may have to take my Cider fueled theories with a pinch of salt until they pan out either way. Make note that though I am an experienced gamer I am by no means a hardcore player and have a lot of IRL commitments with my work. And due to the nature of my job I may drop off the grid for a month or two at a time but I will endeavor to continue writing for Bammsters during my time away.

See you on the other side Guardians.