Our Activities

Bammsters can provide a variety of media services to help our guests get their message out, be it as part of our weekly show (on YouTube and podcast platforms), dedicated events, or part of our regular content.

  • Rated-R and Comic ShopTalk interviews
  • Hosted Livestream events
  • Previews and Reviews
  • Regular Livestreaming

The team is spread out across the UK, US (ET+PT) and EU, and any product we should look at would need to operate in at least one of these regions.
We do not request or require compensation for any of these activities, but do reserve the right to monetize the resulting content on all platforms where applicable.


Previews and Reviews

We do Previews and Reviews of gadgets and games, and can do comics, books, and other types of entertainment on request. These are in writing on the website and social media, and/or spoken-word videos on YouTube and Facebook.
On game reviews we include a score of 1-10 across 5 categories, while previews, and non-gaming reviews will generally not include a numeric score, but instead a short summary.
We will try to match up the topic with the writer, though a specific host can be requested.
If there is an embargo date included, or a preferred drop date, we guarantee to not post it early.
For reviews we do require access either to review samples or keys, and when applicable ask that a return box is provided.


Pre-recorded interviews (“Rated-R” and “Comic ShopTalk”)

The Bammsters’ weekly Rated-R (“Rated-Arrr”) show, and the monthly Comic ShopTalk both hosts guest interviews and topical discussions. The weekly show is presented on a rotating basis, while Comic ShopTalk is specifically hosted by Drac and TJ, and we will match you and your content with the hosts best suited.
If you or your client would like to be on the show, we can usually arrange to have you appear in a specific week as best fits your other marketing activities, and record the segment ahead of time.
Being featured on the show will never require review samples or keys, though we do ask either for media (stills and/or video) for use on YouTube et al, or access to record our own footage.



We stream (primarily) video-games across our YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer channels, concurrently or separately, with each member of the Bammsters team controlling their own schedule and content.
If you would like to have your content featured, possibly by a specific host or one a specific day, we do ask for 2 weeks notice to coordinate this.


Livestream Interviews, and hosted livestreams

When interacting with the audience and answering questions from your followers is key, Bammsters can host live-streamed events such as live interviews and general project-updates. One or more of our hosts will be on hand to present the topic, be it a product, game, or update for your followers, alongside you, as well as moderating the audience-chat.
For updates and the like, we’ll request preparation-material to be able to set the topics and drive discussion, but you should have a subject-expert present to cover details and answer questions.