Rated-R – You Want Me To Harvest WHAT? (069)

2nd week in a row about goblins, only now it’s Harvest Time!
Draconusx and G talk about the recent WannaCry/WanaDecryptor malware worm, then Draconusx reflects on recent DIY videos and Netflix series he’s been watching, an finally they both get really uncomfortable talking about the business of renting female Overwatch players.



Special Guest: Ian Williams / Subjunctive Software

In the British countryside we found Ian, who has been doing indi-gamedev since long before it was ever called IndieDev, and we got together to talk about his latest project, Goblin Harvest:The Mighty Quest, about the old days, and perhaps a little bit about beers.

Goblin Harvest is available for iOS and Windows.

Catch this week’s episode over on YouTube, along with both some Abatron gameplay and of course a bit of Goblin Harvest!

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Rated-R – You Want Me To Harvest WHAT? (069)

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