Rated-R – You Nomad, Bro? (009)

Ninth episode, and we talk Planet Nomads kickstarter, slow CPUs, EVE Valkyrie event, and I have finally received my Bragi Dash!

* Bragi is finally shipping The Dash wireless headphones
* EVE:Valkyrie players holding an in-game event February 20th, with live-streams
* Apple has the highest quarterly revenue of any company ever
* Intel says future CPUs will be slower, but more efficient

Farewells to DUST514:
A small goodbye to DUST514, from current and past players and bitter-vets

Special Guest:
This week’s guest is Daniel Maslovsky from the game-studio Craneballs, here to discuss their kickstarter game Planet Nomads! It is an interesting Sci-fi Survival Sandbox games, and several Bammsters are already backers on Kickstarter!
As is always the case, you can view this episode, incl Planet Nomad gameplay, over on the YouTubers.
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Rated-R – You Nomad, Bro? (009)

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