Rated-R – Woovit Can it Be? (109)

For the aspiring Livestreamer, Let’s Play’er, or Games Journo out there, getting access to review and stream keys can seem daunting, so this week we talk to Woovit’s very own Richard Kain about how they are making this step easier!



Special Guest: Richard Kain / Woovit

For anyone trying to break out as a Content Creator, having access to the latest games and keys can make everything a lot easier, but getting to that point can seem daunting. Woovit is an online service that tried to bridge the gap between Content Creators (new and established ones) with the game developers and PR companies looking to have their games featured.
Website: https://woovit.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/woovitinfo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/woovitinfo/
Hit the big ‘ole Play button below, or head over to YouTube for some Far Cry 5 and 8 Bit Hordes footage.

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Rated-R – Woovit Can it Be? (109)

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