Rated-R – Where Are Everyone? (031)

Several broken computers later, and all we had available was Grit and G, hosting an episode of Future Proof!

◆ Game Key Scammers prefer G2A
◆ Google Family Library lets you share select content with your family
ManusVR finally showing off their prototype hand-tracking glove
◆ Nintendo NX might be portable with a docking station
◆ Nintendo doesn’t actually own Pokémon Go; Shares tumble

Future Proof:
Bamm and Booker went AWOL, so Grit and G also covered this, despite not really having researched anything
Abzû – Aug 2nd – PS4/Windows
◆ The Division ‘Underground’ (DLC) – August 2 – PS4
Batman: The Telltale Series – Aug 2nd – Android/iOS/PS3/PS4/X360/X1/Win/OSX
No Man’s Sky – Aug 9th – PS4/Windows
In Case Of Emergency, Release Raptor – Aug 16th – Win/OSX/Linux
Worms W.M.D. – Aug 23rd – PS4/X1/Win/OSX/Linux
Planet Nomads (closed alpha) – Aug 25th – Windows/Linux/OSX
◆ World of Warcraft : Legion (DLC) – Aug 30th – Windows

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Rated-R – Where Are Everyone? (031)

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