Rated-R – What You Got Against Gravy! (070)

What happens when a group of Game Development students in Antwerp, Belgium, decides to go all in on their school project? Antigraviator, that’s what!
Also, DUST514/Project Nova and Sparc the VR game, Destiny 2, and finally movies from Bamm’s childhood were just better!

  • Latest stuff about CCP Games’ Project Nova is over on Biomassed
  • Sparc is an awesome-looking VR Tron game, and should be EVE:Frisbee
  • Destiny 2 announced, and Draconusx finally gets to play it, but will there be x-play?
  • Movies were just better when Bamm was a little girl!

Special Guest: Mike Coeck, Cybernetic Walrus
Then we move on to our interview this week with from Antigraviator, a futuristic gravity-defyingracing game, so fast it will melt your face off!
Mike, and the rest of the Cybernetic walruses are currently studying to become game-developers, and as part of their assignments, they decided to go all-in and make a game worth buying: Antigraviator!
The game is on Kickstarter right now, and there’s even a demo available for everyone to try out!
To watch this week’s episode on YouTube, along with both some Antigraviator demo-footage, and a bit of Beholder, click riiiiight HERE.

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Rated-R – What You Got Against Gravy! (070)

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