Rated-R – Weaponized Goblins (068)

Fixing cars, giving Steam gifts, wolves, Mario Kart and then we talk with the team behind the Fort Triumph kickstarter!


  • Fixd Device & App
  • Steam changing gifting rules.
  • Bamm tasks G with the protection of the wolves in Denmark.
  • Drac got Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for his Nintendo Switch and has been having a shell of a time!


Special Guests: Fort Triumph

Shay Zeldis and Guy Wulfus from the Fort Triumph team joins us this week to talk about their game, a turn-based fantasy game, that marries X-Com, Heroes of Might&Magic, and physics-based strategy.
The game has already passed Greenlight, and is currently on Kickstarter!

Catch this week’s episode over on YouTube, along with some Fort Triumph gameplay, and a bit of Ghost Recon:Wildlands, or try out the latest version of Fort Triumph’s Alpha here.

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Rated-R – Weaponized Goblins (068)

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