Rated-R – We Broke Ourselves (073)

Small one this week, as Jolly, Bamm, and G talk Philip DeFranco’s latest experience with YouTube, Discord’s influx of cash, and Apple Homepod.
Unfortunately there was an irreversible incident with some of the audio for this week’s episode, so there’s only the A-Block this time around.

To watch some MyWorld – ARPG Maker footage while listening to this week’s episode, head over to YouTube

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Rated-R – We Broke Ourselves (073)

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Evil Overlord
Responsible for many of the day-to-day operations, for messing up website code, and generally for whipping the rest of the team into an odd shape, G took on the Evil Overlord title because the rest ran around like headless chicken. He doubles as the other main host on Rated-R, when actually around and awake.