Rated-R – Trouble With Trekkies (030)

This is Bammsters Rated-R, episode XXX !
Yes, it’s the 30th episode, and this time Bamm and G talk about Star Trek! Well, G talks Star Trek, Bamm talks Star Wars, and both express an opinion about Jar Jar Abrams!
No Mans Sky got sued, but it’s no biggie
◆ Cross-Play is just waiting to happen .. this time waiting for Sony
◆ Professional free-style skier passed away making the trailer for Steep
◆ Copenhagen Suborbitals launched a rocket, which flew a little shorter than expected
Star Trek/Wars:
Yeah, there’s a new Star Trek TV Series coming out, on CBS in the US, and Netflix in the real world, and Bamm and G discuss….something.
There’s a YouTube version (w/ some Paragon footage!), or you can grab this on Google Play!

Rated-R – Trouble With Trekkies (030)

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