Rated-R – Total Eclipse of the Mind (101)

The Mind’s Eclipse is just about to release (Jan 25th, 2018), so Bamm and newest Bammster PFC Calico sat down with the developer, Donald Campbell. Also, Comic Shop Talk and YouTube De-monetization!

YouTube Partnership Changes

We too have received That Email from YouTube, and cannot help but reflect on what that means.


Comic Shop Talk



Special Guest: Donald Campbell (Mind’s Eclipse)

For this week’s episode, we had the very latest Bammster, PFC Calico, sit down with the developer behind the game The Mind’s Eclipse. Bamm’s there too, allegedly. The Mind’s Eclipse is a science-fiction visual novel featuring hand-drawn scenes in black and white, and emotional narrative-driven gameplay, and it is releasing this week!

🔗 https://www.themindseclipse.com/

🔗 http://store.steampowered.com/app/646210/The_Minds_Eclipse/


Rated-R – Total Eclipse of the Mind (101)

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