Rated-R – The Random Bla (043)

We talk about the Nintendo Switch and the recent IoT-based DDoS of Dyn, but first Titanfall 2 and Skyrim, a smelly bike-lock, IBM loves Apples, CastAR and Star Citizen.

❀ Titan Fall 2 to release in a few days, onOctober 28! Also Skyrim Special edition.
❀ Skunklock – Bike-lock with vomit-inducing stench
❀ IBM’s Fletcher Pevin is turning IBM into an Apple House
❀ Call Of Duty:Infinite Warfare Beta weekend!
❀ CastAR finally promising it’ll release in 2017
❀ Can try Star Citizen free for rest of October!

We look at what we know so far (At time of recording), and the various discussions and theories going around!
❀ After Brian Krebs was attacked using IoT devices, the software was released publicly as Mirai
John McAfee says perhaps N.Korea (BEST KOREA) attacked Dyn
❀ Wikileaks suggests its supporters are behind it

Nintendo Switch:
Draconus geeks out over the chance to play more Zelda, everywhere, and talk about the Nintendo Switch
Not much info on Specs yet…7in Screen, Nvidia Tegra processor.
❀ Dock is only for charging and for connecting to a larger screen.
❀ Biggest questions: HDD Size? Access to Market with Downloadable games? Battery life?
❀ Lots of 3rd party support using Unity.
❀ Confirmed Games:
    ❄︎ Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild
    ❄︎ Dragon Quest XI
    ❄︎ Project Sonic 2017
    ❄︎ Just Dance 2017
❀ Due out March 2017

To get a bit of background gameplay, this time Sunken and Shadow Warrior 2, head over to the youtubies.
Alternatively, there’s the Google Play version, and there is an RSS feed for listening to us on your way to work!

Rated-R – The Random Bla (043)

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