Rated-R – The Next Starfighter, inc! (063)

Just a straight-to-interview episode this time, as the good folks at Impeller Studios ended up spending all our allocated time talking Starfighter Inc, board games, bacon and physics!
Special Guests: Dave and Zach from Impeller Studios!
Here to talk about their game Starfighter Inc, Dave and Zach sits down with G and Bamm for one of our longest interviews yet!
Starfighter Inc is doing their 2nd round on Kickstarter at the moment, after their first attempt was less than successful. This time they’ve polished the game a lot more, and simply have more content to show off.
The thing that sets Starfighter Inc apart from most space-fighter games is that it relies more heavily on realistic, plausible physics and engineering, dropping concepts like shields and FTL drives, delivering a different experience for all players.
The game is up on Kickstarter right now, until April 15th.
For more on the game, visit Impeller Studios’ website, or check out their recent AMA on reddit!
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Rated-R – The Next Starfighter, inc! (063)

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