Rated-R – The Eyes Have It (098)

Samsung Bixby smart-speakers, muting Facebook, YouTube VR, Autodesk, and Ubisoft Farcry 5 news, all followed by an interview with Storymind Entertainment about their game My Eyes On You!




Interview: Storymind Entertainment (My Eyes On You)

This week, dialing in from Kyiv and Hong Kong, we have Val Daniels, Game Director & Game Designer, and Matthew Moffitt, Writer, from the company Storymind Entertainment joining us to talk about their upcoming 3D action/adventure mystery game: My Eyes On You!
Set in a neon-noir version of Chicago, our hero Jordan sets out to solve a case that’s becoming ever more personal.
We chat about the game, the setting and writing, and not at least the spetacular visuals Storymind has revealed so far.

A new trailer for the game was released earlier this December, and available here.

Official Website: https://storymind-ent.com/

If you want to catch the YouTube version, include footage from Warhammer End Times: Vermintide, Farcry 5 trailer, and a trailer from My Eyes On You, click right here.


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Rated-R – The Eyes Have It (098)

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