Rated-R – The Cider-Brewing Episode (188)

This week Bamm and Drac continue their Cider chat as they talk you through several of the things they do to get their #homebrew cider made. From the cleanup before you start to the flavors Drac’s been toying with, if you have an interest in brewing your own hard cider tune in for some pointers.

00:47 – Cider’s the Thing
01:18 – Cleanup Before the Process
04:27 – Bamm tries it with Real Apples
09:05 – Thoughts on Yeast
11:08 – “Air” Lock is really a “Water” lock
14:18 – We’ll meetup in March with Cider
16:42 – The difference between UK Cider and US Cider
17:50 – Straining the Brew for bottling
19:20 – Adding Flavors
21:10 – Thoughts on sugars
23:57 – Bottling the brew
29:15 – More on Flavors
30:40 – To keep notes or not?
35:32 – Why our audio got “lost”
36:25 – What the show was supposed to be

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Music provided by Argofox: A Himitsu – Adventures

Rated-R – The Cider-Brewing Episode (188)

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