Rated-R – The Boating Dead (067)

Bamm sits down with himself and a lawnmowing man to talk Battlefield games and Paragon, while Booker and G visits BadRhino Games to have an early look at their in-development game, Rising Tides.

Bamm Havoc is back!

Bamm takes a quick look at free PS4 games, as well as X1 and Switch games, and then talks a bit about Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Battlefield games, and the overall state of Paragon.

Special Guest: Ryan Manning/BadRhino Games

It’s still early’ish days for BadRhino Games and their upcoming title Rising Tides, but we had Booker and G get together with Ryan to talk about this open-world naval RPG! Of course the devlopers still wants to keep a few cards close to themselves, while we go in for the hard questions about dancing and the previously-alive Dead Fleet!
It’s still too early for us to show gameplay of Rising Tides, but you can catch an array of the truly stunning concept art and game snapshots in the YouTube version this week, along with some Paragon gameplay, or have a look over on the official Rising Tides website!
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Rated-R – The Boating Dead (067)

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