Rated-R – The Big 1-oh (010)

It only took 10 weeks, and we’re already here – The Big 1-Oh!

This time around we talk about The Division’s 2 betas, we look at some news, and we have a Special Guest: QuantumDelta, who’s here to talk about EVE:Valkyrie!

* Planet Nomads kickstarter fully funded! On to the stretch-goals.
* Solid State Drives (SSDs) hitting 30 US-cent/gigabyte – cheap’n’cheerful?
* Care4Kids EVE event the coming weekend.
* Windows 10 + Xbox 1 cross-buys – Buy Quantum Break and play on both platforms
* Russia going Linux?

The Division Beta:
The Jolly Roger and Booker DaLooker talk about the recent “Closed” Beta for The Division, and the released change-notes for the Open Beta.

Special Guest:
Booker and G interviews a gamer named QuantumDelta about playing the VR game EVE:Valkyrie, about streaming the game, and the future release of it!
QuantumDelta is also part of a group holding in-game events during the current Alpha, and the next one is on February 20th starting at 21:00 GMT. We recommend participating, either as a pilot, or just come watch, hang out and chat!
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Rated-R – The Big 1-oh (010)

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