Rated-R – Tear Down This Wall (064)

This week we talk to InbetweenGames about All Walls Must Fall, a Berlin night in 2089 and time-travelling mechanics. TJ and Drac are also back with another instalment of Comic Shop Talk, as they talk Defenders and Squirrel Girl!

Comic Shop Talk

🚀 Squirrel Girl & New Warriors coming to TV
🚀 There’s a Defenders Promo going around
🚀 Henry Cavil pictured in old Supes-suit
🚀 TJ gets his wish for a Nightwing movie?

Special Guests: InbetweenGames / All Walls Must Fall

This week Booker and G sits down with (almost) the whole team from InbetweenGames, as we take a look at their time-agent game set in 2089’s Berlin during a suddenly not-very-cold war: All Walls Must Fall.
we talk about the mechanics, rewinding time to undo actions or avoid obstacles, about the procedurally mixed club-music that underpins all actions, and of course the distinct graphical style!
Their game is up on Kickstarter right now!
🔗 http://ks.allwallsmustfall.com
🔗 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/inbetweengames/all-walls-must-fall-a-tech-noir-tactics-game
Get the youtube of this episode right here, along with footage from All Walls Must Fall, and Human Resource Machine.
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Rated-R – Tear Down This Wall (064)

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