Rated-R – Taaaanks You Very Much! (012)

More podcastering, as we sit down with the Chickenwing of World of Tanks, Shahin Kanafchian, also known as Eskai, to discuss WoT on the consoles, his job with the community, events, and music! The Yo Jolly Roger and Bamm Havoc talk about The Division betas, and we discuss some movies and games in the news!
* Nicholas Meyer has joined the next Star Trek movie
* Batmap vs Superman, Director’s Cut might be Rated R!
* The upcoming D&D movie will be a “Fun romp” … and probably not good
* 3 EVE:Online developers are leaving CCP Games
* Vivendi launched a hostile bid for Gameloft, and Ubisoft?
* Sony PSVR is actually powerful, and Sony is making a powerglove
* The developers of the original Descent games are doing a kickstarter for a new game!
Tom Clancy’s The Division Betas:
Yo Jolly Roger and Bamm Havoc look back at both the betas (Closed and Open) for Ubisoft’s The Division, and reveal that they are both going to play the final game looking sharp with a scarf.
Special Guest:
a_typeWe welcome back friend-of-the-show Shahin Kanafchian of Wargaming, the community lead for the Console version of World of Tanks, as we talk with him about the game and his job around the community with events, tournaments and e-Sports, and keeping the twitter accounts lively with memes!
Shahin is also known by his nom-de-plume Eskai Music when creating music and remixing other people’s music, and we hear about him being on Armada and working with Above&Beyond, and Silk Music. Esaki’s style is Progressive House/Progressive Trance, and his music has been played by the well-known Electronic Music DJ Armin Van Buren (who is Dutch, not Russian).

To hear some of Shahin / Eskai’s music, check out his Soundcloud profile, go visit his Facebook page, or find him on the local San Francisco scene e.g. at Ruby Skye.
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Rated-R – Taaaanks You Very Much! (012)

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