Rated-R – Straying Cows (080)

ComicCon in San Diego just finished, and Draconusx went Old Man about it. Then we sit down with Chris from Adventure Cow to talk about his Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style game, Strayed.



San Diego ComicCon:

Drac went to SD ComicCon, and quickly regretted it – apparently he’s opposed to waiting in lines, and thinks it’s about time SDCC gets off his lawn and goes somewhere else, with bigger facilities or fewer guests.

Special Guest: Christopher/Adventure Cow

Chris, the lead developer behind Strayed, joins Bamm and Drac to talk about his game and about Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style games and books in general!
The team at Adventure Cow has been working on an engine to create these kinds of games, and are already working on a children’s games, though Bamm might have designs on a Choose-Your-Own-Bacon game.
Strayed is out on Android right now, with iOS and PC versions coming soon

As always, there’s a YouTube version, which includes a bit of Lawbreakers, some Raiders Of The Broken Planet, a LOT of Draconusx walking around ComicCon, and a trailer from Strayed!

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Rated-R – Straying Cows (080)

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