Rated-R – Stop Saying Minecraft (107)

Let us Future Proof you for March’s game releases! Drac and Bammy talk about their most-anticipated releases for March, while Calico gets his first turn at the News, with G.



Future Proof: March Game Releases


Fear Effect Sedna (Mar 6th); XB1, PS4, NS, PC; [Isometric Tactical ARPG, Real-time w/ Pause, Single-player]

  • Funded on Kickstarter, latest in “Fear Effect” series that started on PS in 2000.
  • Available on Steam for $20.00 (I think, guess based on KS).


Warhammer: Vermintide 2 (March 8th); PC; [FPP, Action, Co-op]

  • Second game in Vermintide series, an preorder on Steam through the 6th to save 10%
  • Beta sign ups available on their website for XB1 & PS4.
  • Available on Steam for $29.99


Surviving Mars (March 15th); PS4, XB1, PC/Mac/Linux; [Sci-Fi, City-Builder Sim, Single-player] $39.99


Sea of Thieves (Mar 20th); XB1 & PC; [FPP, Action, Co-op, PVP]

  • Become a pirate and get your crew of scallywags together to explore/raid islands, challenge other player-controlled crews and stock up as much booty as your hold can carry.
  • Available on Microsoft Store for $59.99


Far Cry 5 (Mar 27th); XB1, PS4 & PC; [FPS, Action, RPG, Co-op]

  • The latest in the Far Cry series, this time it takes place in the countryside of the USA and unlike previous games in the series, this one you can play through the entire story in Co-op with a friend.
  • Can be purchased on Steam or U-Play for $59.99
  • For $89.99 get it with the Season Pass that will take you to Mars and Vietnam and of course feature a Zombie mode.


Agony (Mar 30th); XB1, PS4, & PC ;[Survival, Horror, FPP]

  • Agony is another survival game, though with an interesting twist…you play as a tormented soul trapped in the depths of hell searching for some way to escape.
  • Available on Steam for $39.99 (I think, guess based on KS).


Rated-R – Stop Saying Minecraft (107)

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