Rated-R – Stick A Sword In It (102)

The game Swordcoast Legends, by N-Space and Digital Extremes has a short and turbulent life, which we look back at. Before that, though, games releasing in February, in Future Proof!

Future Proof – February 2018


Player Post-Mortem: Swordcoast Legends

Because some of the Bammsters team became involved in the D&D: Swordcoast Legends game back in 2016, we decided to host a Post Mortem for it, after it was announced that the game is no longer being sold.
? Announced: Feb 2015, Released on Steam Oct 2015, Released on Console July 2016
? N-Space closes end of March 2016, DE takes over.
? Rage of Demons DLC Released May 2016
? DE stops selling SCL on steam, Jan 2018.
Joining us are Mad.Hatter, Jocollman, & Redunzgofasta of the SCL forums, to talk about the Things that hurt, Things that worked well, and What might have been. Unfortunately, the developers are still under NDAs, so the ones we reached out to ended up having to cancel sitting in and sharing their side of the stories.
Note: Bammsters’ host Draconusx was a moderator on the SCL forums.

You can grab a listen below, or watch the YouTube version of this episode, including trailers from the game we mentioned, and various gameplay from Swordcoast Legends.

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Rated-R – Stick A Sword In It (102)

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