Rated-R – Siriusly, People, Get Online! (075)

This week we sat down to nerd out with the team behind Sirius Online, Digital Dawn Studios, and spent waaaay too much time! Because of this, there’s no news or anything else but the interview!

Special Guests: Dex and Cayne from Sirius Online!

Dex is the developer behind Sirius Online, and brought along the Community Manager Cayne to talk about the game. The latest major update, version 1.2, brought a lot up of improvements, and many more are in the pipeline – we got to talk about what these are and what to expect from future updates including the version 1.2.1 that’s right around the corner.

Sirius Online is an online space-sim set in a single solar-system, inspired by Freelancer, as well as the X games (X through X3) and EVE:Online.

Of course this week’s episode, along with some gameplay footage, is available on YouTube!

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Rated-R – Siriusly, People, Get Online! (075)

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