Rated-R – Risking It All (076)

Destiny 2 RNGesus, Oblivion mods, Battlefront 2 P2W, and Sense8 is back? Afterwards, it’s Riskers, made in Tbilisi by a single developer.



Special Guest: Shota Bobokhidze, Riskers

In a top-down style reminiscent of games of the past, Riskers take us back to the older Grand Theft Autos, with a bit of Hotline Miami added in for good measure!
Bamm and G have a chat with the lone developer of Riskers, Shota, about making all parts of a game on his own, making his first commercial product and using Game Maker Studios.
Riskers will be out later this year on Steam, initially for Windows PC.

Grab the YouTube version, which includes some early pre-release footage of Riskers, and a bit of Ziggurat gameplay from the old PS4.

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Rated-R – Risking It All (076)

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