Rated-R – Red Rhum (130)

Fans of scary games, and movies, rejoice! We talk with the developers behind Red: Lucid Nightmare, a modern take on the genre, drawing inspiration from the PS2 era and classical japanese horror, as well as North American folk-lore and urban myths. Before that, G and Bamm talk Daylight Saving, Cross-Play, The Sun, and Mixer being terrible.



Interview: Shane of Bolder Games (Red: Lucid Nightmare)

Drac has been trying out an early build of Red: Lucid Nightmare, and we got one of the developers on the show to tell us more about the game, the setting and background, and what to expect in the future (hint: 2 more stories!).

Mercedes is an investigative journalist recovering from a mysterious accident. Burdened with debt, she retreats to her isolated family home where she is plagued by increasingly horrific nightmares. She tries to distance herself from her old life, but a friend attempts to draw Mercedes out of her depression by roping her into his search for a missing girl, Isobel. Mercedes is hesitant to get involved until she realizes she’s seen the missing girl before: in her nightmares.

🔗 Website – http://redlucidnightmare.com/
🔗 Brightlocker – https://www.brightlocker.com/games/red
🔗 Twitter – https://twitter.com/boldergames
🔗 Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/bolder_games/
🔗 Discord – https://discord.gg/QRhdjB

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Rated-R – Red Rhum (130)

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