Rated-R – Party Like It’s The 99th Episode (099)

4 decades ago, there was Ogre, an new type of board-game. Now, there’s Ogre on PC! Also, it’s a new year (again), Bamm got hit by a car (again), Intel has issues (again) …



Special Guest: Peter Willington (Auroch Digital)

Ogre is a board wargame first released in 1977 as the first Metagaming Concepts Microgame, designed by Steve Jackson. It is an asymmetrical forces game, set in the late 21st century. One player has a single giant robot tank (called an “Ogre”) pitted against a second player’s headquarters, defended by a mixture of conventional tanks, infantry and artillery. 


Rated-R – Party Like It’s The 99th Episode (099)

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