Rated-R – Papercuts and Bloody Comics (019)

Week 19, and we look at Comic Books for once! We also have some news about Avatar movies and drone ships crashing into airplanes, and finally we have a look at this week’s FanFest 2016!
* Almost four years in development, huge Skyrim mod finally delivers
* Avatar 2, 3, 4 and 5 will be released over the next seven years
* Deadpool 2 is officially in the works, Fox confirms
* SpaceX finally lands its rocket on a drone ship after delivering bouncy castle for ISS
* Drone apparently crashes into plane headed to London’s Heathrow
* Lizzard Hits BLIZZARD
Fanfest 2016:
Bamm and Ibn talk about everything they are looking forward to at Fanfest 2016, because they haven’t learned from the past … oh, and Bamm likes EVE:Valkyrie
Special Guest: TJ Shevlin, of IW Comic Art Gallery in San Diego, California
Hello interwebs! Today we have as our guest TJ Shevlin. TJ works for the comic book publishing company IDW at their comic book art gallery in San Diego and from what I’ve seen he’s more or less a walking interactable encyclopedia of comic book knowledge and he has a true passion for the characters in the books and passionately loves to share that passion with others.

Website: http://sdcomicartgallery.com/
Twitter: @sdcagallery
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Rated-R – Papercuts and Bloody Comics (019)

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