Rated-R – Orphan Age: Origins (119)

(Warning: This episode contains topics that may be upsetting for people with childhood traumas. Listener Discretion advised)
Everybody, it’s a week of Orphans and Star Trek as Bamm and G for reasons unknown talk Star Trek, while Drac and G are joined by Adrien of Studio Black Flag to talk about their Kickstarter: Orphan Age.

Star Trek ?!?

Yup, G and Bamm gave up on covering news in a week dominated by E3. We might be back later with some actual reactions, but for now, we talk Star Trek Discovery, and Jar-Jar Abrams.

Special Guest: Adrien F./Orphan Age

They are on Kickstarter right now with their game Orphan Age, but Adrien still found time to come and visit us!
Set in a near future, world at war, Orphan Age deals with the experiences of the children left behind in an inner city to fend for themselves.
? http://orphan-age.com/
? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/studioblackflag/orphan-age
? https://twitter.com/studioblackflag
? https://www.facebook.com/studioblackflag/
? https://discord.gg/hUEQbvJ
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Rated-R – Orphan Age: Origins (119)

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