Rated-R – No Bamm’s Sky (125)

August game-releases in Upcoming Games with Bamm and Drag, plus the oldest known instance of the word Fuck in the English language as news!


➣ Locke and Key coming to Netflix.
➣ Fortnite cosmetics possibly taking revenue from top console games.
➣ New NetSpectre Attack Can Steal CPU Secrets via Network Connections
➣ No Man’s Sky is back and is it better than ever?
➣ CCP Games Developing “Highly Anticipated New MMO.”
Possible new Diablo game being worked on?


Upcoming Games August 2018

Monster Hunter World (Aug 9th) for PC from Capcom $59.99
Idle Dungeons (Aug 10th) from Chimplabs
We Happy Few (Aug 10th) from Compulsion Games
Death’s Gambit (Aug 14th) from White Rabbit
Graveyard Keeper (Aug 15th) from Lazy Bear Games
Strange Brigade (Aug 28th) from Rebellion Developments $49.99 and Deluxe for $79.99 (10% off till August 28th)

You can catch the regular version below, along with links to subscribe via your preferred platform, or you can get the YouTube version right here, with trailers for all the games in Upcoming Games, and some No Man’s Sky gameplay during the news.


Rated-R – No Bamm’s Sky (125)

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