Rated-R – Mars’ll Kill You Good (071)

This week’s guest, Tyler Owen of Random Seed Games, is here to talk about a different kind of Survival game: Lacuna Passage.
Jolly and Drac talk Farcry 5, Fifa, MS Mixer and possibly free PSN games!


  • Farcry 5 announcement trailer.
  • Fifa on PS4 instead of XBone.
  • Possibly Free for PS Plus:
    • Life is Strange
    • Killing Floor 2
  • Microsoft changed Beam to Mixer…uhm ok?


Special Guest: Tyler Owen, Random Seed Games

At first glance it might look like Yet-Another-Space-Survival game, but Random Seed Games’ Lacuna Passage fills a slightly different game, requiring the player to survive (and learn what happened) using only in-situ resources and existing infrastructure – no Minecrafting a space-castle with rockets, but instead scrounging for parts to keep equipment working while you investigate what happened to the previous crew in an Open World based on actual scans of Mars.
Of course we cannot talk Mars without also nerding out, and Tyler definitely brings it!

Lacuna Passage is available in Early Access on Steam right now.

This week’s episode is also available on YouTube, along with a bit of Lacuna Passage gameplay, and some SwordCoast Legends gameplay, just press here.

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Rated-R – Mars’ll Kill You Good (071)

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