Rated-R – Man o’Warble (021)

We talk Man o’War:Corsair, upcoming game-releases and news in this episode of Bammsters’ Rated-R podcast!

◆ Intel dropping mobile Atom chips and firing 12000 employees
◆ Microsoft launches Flow to compete with IFTTT.
◆ First human head-transplant being planned (might be slightly morbid)
Future Proof:
Bamm and Booker spend a while talking about the games coming up in May, one of the biggest months in the year in terms of releases, and they have everything from shooters, over driving, to farming!
◆ Battleborn – 3rd of May
◆ Uncharted4 – 4th of May
◆ Project Cars – 6th May
◆ DOOM – 13th of May
◆ HOMEFRONT Revolution – 17th of May
◆ OverWatch – 24th of May
◆ Total War: Warhammer – 24th May
◆ Professional Farming Simulator 2017 (TBA)
Special Guest: “Captain” James Carrol / Evil Twin Artworks
Long-time fans of the Warhammer Universe might recall the Man o’War board-game, and be pleased to hear that it has been released as a video-game in Early Access on Steam! We sit down with the Director of the game Man o’War:Corsair, James Carrol to talk about the old board-game, their new version of it for computers, and its sources of inspiration!
So, pull up a chair, pour yourself some rum, and get ready to enjoy some swashbuckling on the seas of Warhammer!
As always, this episode is available on the YouTubeses, and there is an RSS feed for your podcast enabled cars and smart-phones!

Rated-R – Man o’Warble (021)

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