Rated-R – Kickstarter Overload (013)

It’s another episode of Rated-R, our little, weekly podcast, and this time we talk Descent and the Overload Kickstarter with none other that Matt Toschlog, one of the creators behind the Descent franchise and the new game Overload!

* Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series is being turned into a movie, starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey!
* Palmer Luckey of Oculus yet again stating that Apple computers cannot do VR.
* Wargaming and Disney joins EA and Activision/Blizzard in snuffing E3.
* Playstation 4 System Software v3.5 in beta.
Future Proof:
Booker DaLooker and Bamm Havoc take a look at the coming month worth of games and entertainment in their new recurring segment: Future Proof!
This time it’s a look at March, and there’s excitement in the air (or something) in anticipation of several new releases – Listen to Bamm’s rambling and try to catch your favourite!
Of cause, the only game Booker and Bamm are waiting for is The Division, but Hitman and Darksouls 3 are both there enticing them. Battle born and Doom are other upcoming titles Bamm’s waiting for in March, but only because he cannot read.
EVE:Valkyrie and Adr1ft are the VR launches for March, and for Oculus, all launching March 28th, and there’s no hiding just how eager the guys are for VR, even if Bamm’s in queue for a PSVR instead of Oculus or Vive.
Finally, Booker reminds us all that Uncharted is coming to an end …

Special Guest:
We sit down with Matt Toschlog, one of the creators of the original Descent games, and a key figure behind the spiritual sequel Overload, currently on Kickstarter. Bamm is joined by Ibn, our sound-techie and resident Angry German, to have a chat with Matt about the old days of Descent 1, 2, and 3, about broken joysticks and broken business relations, and of cause about Overload on every platform possible and the Kickstarter.

Yes, they get into everything from Guide-bot, and the Pyro-GX (Fan-favourite?), to possible VR, multiplayer and controllers, and also touch on the Descent:Underground game. A playable teaser of Overload is being released this week, for those who need to jog their memory of what it was like to play Descent, and we have taken an early look at it.

The Overload kickstarter runs until the end of this week, and we can only strongly encourage people to go take a look, and support them if you think this is your kind of game!
For more information, check out their website and YouTube, and you can also find more from them on Twitter!
As always, you can also find this episode, along with game-play footage from the teaser, on the YouTubies.
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Rated-R – Kickstarter Overload (013)

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