Rated-R – Kick It, Anna! (214)

Anna from 2FOR2 is back, 3 years later to talk about their progress on KAPIA, and the upcoming Kickstarter. We get a sneak peek at the first level of the game, and end with the team’s look back and advice for new indie devs.
If you want to know more about KAPIA and 2FOR2, follow ALL these links!

🔗 Kickstarter
🔗 Discord
🔗 Itch.io, incl a demo
🔗 Steam (Wishlist!)
🔗 Website
🔗 Facebook
🔗 Twitter
🔗 YouTube

This episode is available on YouTube, with early demo gameplay footage and Anna’s walkthrough, or you can hit play below, subscribe via Spotify, Android, iTunes, or your favourite podcast client.

Music provided by Argofox:
A Himitsu – Adventures

Rated-R – Kick It, Anna! (214)

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