Rated-R – Jamina Games’ Excellent Adventure (066)

Bit late this week, as we go properly Retro with Jamina Games’ Timebot, and their developer Chris! Of cause, with Draconusx on board, we can’t NOT talk Nintendo as well, and everyone nerds out!
YoJollyRoger is also with us, and he and Draconusx looks at some news, and then covers May’s game-releases in Future Proof!



Future Proof:

Slightly different, due to someone being on leave, this week Draconusx and Jolly takes a look at the upcoming games!

  • Strafe (PS4, PC) – May 9
  • Friday the 13th (PS4, X1, PC) – May 26th
  • Minecraft: Switch Edition (Switch) – May 11
  • Mirage: Arcane Warfare (PC) – May 23
  • Steel Division: Normandy 44 (PC) – May 23

Quick Mentions:

  • Prey (PS3/4, X1/360, & Windows) – May 5th
  • Planet Nomads – May 25


Special Guest: Chris from Jamina Games/Timebot

This week G and Draconusx sits down with Chris, also known as Gamergy, from Jamina Games to talk about his 8-bit Retro Styled games Timebot.

We go over the usual suspects to pin down the inspirations, and learns that while everyone thinks there’s some Bill & Ted in the secret sauce, that might actually not be the case.

Chris is also a big Nintendo fan, and with Draconusx around, that can only go 1 way….

Catch this episode, including some early Timebot footage, over on YouTube!
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Rated-R – Jamina Games’ Excellent Adventure (066)

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