Rated-R – Irritable G Syndrome (122)

It’s just G and Drac sitting down to talk about the recent news and San Diego Comiccon, with everything that that involves. Elfquest 40 years, SDCC panels, Star Trek, and ca 20 minutes of angry ranting about ArenaNet.

News and Comiccon Intl.

00:00:27 – Recording CDPR Cyberpunk2077 Audio….
00:02:57 – Week of Indie Love; 16th-20th July, 2018
00:05:07 – ArenaNet Fires 2 Devs After An Incident (Warning: Strong Language)
00:24:11 – Comic Con Programming Highlights
00:28:04 – The Passing of Steve Ditko
00:30:16 – Podcast Advocates and the Podcast Gathering
00:31:58 – Charmed Reboot
00:33:40 – Star Trek Discovery
00:35:45 – Overwatch Hamster
00:36:50 – Comiccon Of Old
00:39:34 – Dr Who Leak?
00:40:41 – Red Dwarf vs Drac
00:42:01 – R. A. Salvator Spotlight
00:44:22 – Matt Groening & Disenchantment
00:46:24 – 40 Years Of Elfquest
00:48:19 – Wrapping Up
00:49:05 – Football World Cup

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Rated-R – Irritable G Syndrome (122)

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Evil Overlord
Responsible for many of the day-to-day operations, for messing up website code, and generally for whipping the rest of the team into an odd shape, G took on the Evil Overlord title because the rest ran around like headless chicken. He doubles as the other main host on Rated-R, when actually around and awake.