Rated-R – Gnious goes to Gamescom 2019 (174)

Gnious sits down to give Drac a preview of the people and games he’s going to try and see at both Devcom and Gamescom 2019 including getting a look at CyberPunk 2077 and getting to sit down with CDPR. Then afterwards Drac gives his thoughts on the release of Remnant: From the Ashes.


03:14 Eve Ether Wars
05:35 Novaquark (Dual Universe)
11:52 Borderlands 3 Narrative Design
14:12 Everspace 2 & Opening Night Show
17:20 Wolfenstein: Youngblood Design Challenges
21:00 Amplitude Studious: Endless Universe – How do you make games together?

Gamescom 2019
23:50 Devil’s Hunt (and more?)
24:45 Bad Yolk – Main Assembly
26:40 Project Witchstone
28:00 Daedalic – Year of Rain and Iron Danger
32:23 Numbskull Games & Tubbz
34:30 Recompile & Mipumi
36:07 Autonauts
38:09 Liberate
39:50 Mooneye Studios
41:50 CDPR – CyberPunk 2077

49:00 Drac’s thoughts on Remnant from the Ashes after about 6 – 8hrs of gameplay.


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Music provided by Argofox: A Himitsu – Adventures

Rated-R – Gnious goes to Gamescom 2019 (174)

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