Rated-R – Get Yo Ass To Mars (042)

More space-talk this week, as we sit down with Associate Producer Philippe Bodinat of the game Rokh and talk about their game and surviving on Mars!
Also, we talk Star Wars The Old Republic, VetTV, Xbox sales, Playstation 3 legal matters and PSVR.

✧ Star Wars: The Old Republic Petition for Netflix to make a series.
✧ Vet TV Kickstarter
✧ X1 is the top selling console for the 3rd month in a row.
Sony may owe you some cash if you purchased a PS3 back in the day.
✧ Sony PSVR released
✧ Driveclub VR reported widely as making people sick
✧ GameStop US almost sold out of PSVRs

Interview : Philippe Bodinat, Darewise
Bamm and G sat down with Philippe Bodinat of Darewise, an Associate Producer on the game Rokh, and they discuss everything from game-mechanics and survival on the Red Planet, to looking at their not-quite-successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year.
Philippe talk candidly about the experiences they’ve made, and share his advice for others going into crowd-funding.
Also covered is the relation between Darewise in France, and NVizzio Creations in Canada, the two companies working together on Rokh, and how Darewise is approaching game-development as a Production Company, leaving open future options for projects using other media.

Rokh is scheduled to go into a Closed Early Access in December 2016, and Open Early Access in January 2017, and is available via preorders right now.

Note: All footage used of Rokh in the YouTube version of this podcast is (C) Darewise, and is pre-Alpha gameplay. Other footage used in this episode is of the game Brigador.

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Rated-R – Get Yo Ass To Mars (042)

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