Rated-R – Get Us Out Of Here (053)

This week it’s Pixel Maniacs’ Escape The Loop, that’s the big topic, as we sit down with the guys behind this to-be-released game and talk bacon sandwich competitions. Also, Good Omens coming to TV, Destiny skipping Valentine’s Day, Legrand Legacy redoing their Kickstarter, Eastshade Studios releasing a mini-game, Trump, Twitter and PS4 vs X1!

✪ Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens to become a TV series in 2018 on Amazon Prime
✪ Destiny Not doing “Crimson Days” this year
✪ Our friends at SEMISOFT are redoing the kickstarter for Legrand Legacy
✪ Leaving Lyndow on Steam Greenlight
✪ CBS, Paramount Settle Lawsuit Over ‘Star Trek’ Fan Film Axanar
Playstation 4 outselling XBox 1 2:1

Special Guests: Pixel Maniacs
We are joined by Ben and Steve from Pixel Maniacs, who dropped by to talk about their upcoming game Escape The Loop, and how awesome Steve’s Bacon Sandwiches are!
Pixel Maniacs are the team behind Can’t Drive This and Chromagun, and their next game is a Groundhog Day’esque experience, where the player has to solve puzzles in a world that resets and repeats every 5 minutes – Can you figure out how to escape the loop?
The game will be available on Steam, tentatively in Q4 2017

This week’s episode is, as usual, available on YouTube, where it includes footage from Shadow Tactics, and trailers from all of Pixel Maniacs games..
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Rated-R – Get Us Out Of Here (053)

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