Rated-R – For The Children (011)

Have a listen, as we talk about VR and Gaming news from this last week, Booker&Bamm talk DUST514 sequel and we have a sit-down with C4w3 about Care4Kids and his charity work!

* Google VR – Rumors of a stand-alone VR headset
* HTC Vive price leak, Booker’s foaming and talks about a tweet
* Amazon Lumberyard is out for developers, based on the CryTek engine
Booker and Bamm talk future of DUST514:
Bammsters already talked about the closure, and now talking about the sequel (NotDUST514). Will the game be PC exclusive, will it move to PS4, and will it go VR?
It’ll be 1-2 years, it will be ca the same people as worked on DUST514, and perhaps they even move the whole thing to the new CCP London offices!
Either way, Booker is already queuing…
Special Guest:C4k
Jolly Roger and Bamm are joined by C4w3 from Care4Kids EVE, who runs events in hospitals where kids on are on extended stays for treatments.

C4w3 runs the Care4Kids charity, and this weekend they had an event at a hospital in Gotland, but he had time to come along for a short interview while the kids play EVE:Online (recruitment link) in the background.
Initially Care4Kids EVE was solely an in-game thing, based on in-game donations, but it has grown into a non-profit charity helping kids and providing presents, candy and greeting-cards!

Anyone who wants to help out Care4Kids can either reach them via their contact page, or simply leave a message here and we’ll make sure it is forwarded to C4w3 and crew.
Also, if you’re German, and looking to help, they are currently looking to recruit a representative for Germany!
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Rated-R – For The Children (011)

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