Rated-R – Exotic Bacon (120)

Narrative-centered Indie survival game Exotic Matter is about to hit Early Access, and we sat down with developers Florian and Alex to talk about it, and pretty much everything else. Prior to that, Bamm has a look at a few of July’s game-releases.


Upcoming Games

  • Shining Resonance Refrain (PC,PS4,X1,NS) – July 10
  • No Mans Sky NEXT (X1 et al) – July 24
  • The Banner SAGA 3 (PC,Mac,PS4,X1,NS) – July 24


Special Guests: Moebiusgames / Exotic Matter

Lead Dev Florian, and Narrative Lead Alex, from Moebiusgames are here to talk about Exotic Matter. Voxel-based survival game on an alien planet, with a story and a Metroidvania-like world.
We talk Early Access and future of the game, as well as Convergence in game-development and story-telling.
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Rated-R – Exotic Bacon (120)

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