Rated-R – Everything’s Coming Up Playstation (008)

The 8th episode of Bammsters, according to our in-house episode counter Bamm Havoc!

* PS4 vs X1 sales numbers
* Bungie rotates management
* American Gods (Neil Gaiman) coming to TV

Today in Bamms corner, we will discuss the oddity that is the term “Beta”.
“Oddity? Bamm what are you talking about?”
Let me start by saying that the Betas we have been play testing on the PS4 and other platforms are not Betas. The only thing we as gamers are testing is server load. The recent Betas being released are so well polished and so complete, that there is very little time for us gamers to supply adequate feedback to the developers to enact meaningful changes to the game. What narks me is the £5 wall this Demo is stuck behind.

Special Guests:
We welcome a new Bammster, Jolly Roger, for his first interview with Niclas and Filip of Cosmic Picnic, the team behind the game Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space (ADIOS). The game is a new take on space exploration, and releasing on PS4 tomorrow, February 2nd.

To learn more about ADIOS, visit their official page, or go to the Playstation website.
You can also see their official trailer here.
This episode also welcomes Ibn, who is helping out with the audio editing for Bammsters, and providing Grumpy German Man breakers for the episodes.

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Rated-R – Everything’s Coming Up Playstation (008)

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