Rated-R – EVE FanFest Reactions (020)

It was a weekend of PAX East and EVE FanFest, and we here at Bammsters completely ignored PAX and instead turned our browsers towards a live-stream from Reykjavik!
* Log into computers using your skull‘s resonance frequency
* The original DOOM will be used to train AIs to kill everyone
* Twitch grows up and gets Friends
* CERN releases 300 TB of LHC data from its 7 tEV tests
EVE FanFest:
The whole team (almost) get together to talk about the recent EVE FanFest, and all the revelations … or, at least the ones we cared about.
* Project Arena is just Wii-U Pokemon?
* Project Nova as the sequel to DUST514
* EVE Citadels and next releases
* EVE Valkyrie triggers Bamm’s Fanboy bone
Don’t forget that you can find this, along with some footage from FanFest, on the YouTubest, and there is also an RSS feed for your podcast client!

Rated-R – EVE FanFest Reactions (020)

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