Rated-R – Diplomatic Municipality (090)

We’re visited this week by CNiper and Abdel of the gaming-community Diplomunion, to talk about online gaming, and being a community of gamers in an industry where there have never been more games than there today!




Special Guests: Diplomunion (CNiper and Abdel)

It was long overdue, but we finally got around to talking to CNiper and Abdel from Diplomunion about, well, everything Diplomunion!
Gaming communities have been around a LONG time, and Diplomunion is not exactly a new one, but what drives them, and what are the benefits from joining one? Not at least, what games and platforms do these people play on, in case someone wanted to join?
For more information, there’s a website for Diplomunion, along with links to more resources like Discord: http://diplomunion.com/index.php
To view some gameplay footage (Star Wars Battlefront II Beta and Call of Duty WWII Beta), head over to YouTube!


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Rated-R – Diplomatic Municipality (090)

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