Rated-R – Cyber Synapsing Punks (081)

Upcoming Tactical RPG, Synapse, is our Special Guest but before that Drac and Bamm talk August’s game-releases, and Jolly drops by to talk about Mario in AR!

Mario AR (Hololens)

Jolly and Draconusx get into a discussion about Mario in AR on the Microsoft Hololens, and give their thoughts on the platform and technology.


Future Proof

August 7th

  • Super Ultra Monster Smash (Windows/VR)- Slip on the VR headset and start rampaging through New York City smashing buildings and playing with humans…
  • LawBreakers (Windows/PS4)- Fast-paced arena shooter and a hell of a lot of fun. $29.99
  • Evil Genome 光明重影 (Windows)- 3D metroidvania in a futuristic sci-fi wasteland with an anime-artwork style.

August 8th

  • Paragon V42 Open Beta (Windows/PS4)

August 11th

  • Sudden Strike 4 (Windows/Mac/Linux)- WW2 RTS. $49.99 but on sale till Aug 11th for 15% off.

August 15th

  • Agents of Mayhem (Windows/PS4/X1)- Goofy open-world super-powered-action game from the makers of Saints Row. $59.99
  • Matterfall (PS4)- Ever wondered what a game would be like if Metroid and Contra had a baby and handed you a Portal gun that created or destroyed matter? Well then this is the game for you. $19.99

August 22nd

  • Chromagun (PS4)- ChromaGun is a color-based first person puzzler.

August 29th

  • Mario Rabids (NinSwitch)- Turn-based strategy sharing some similarities to XCOM but in the colorful fun mash-up of Mario and Rabbids. $59.99
  • Redout (PS4/NinSwitch/X1)- F-Zero/WipeOut-like racing game. $39.99

Also mentioned: Antigraviator (Indiegame)


Special Guests: Seelan and Steven, Synapse

Two of the developers from Transhumanoid Productions, Seelan Palay and Steven Mowery, dropped by to talk about their game Synapse.
Set in a post-libertarian world, SYNAPSE is an upcoming sci-fi RPG with tactical turn-based combat in an immersive world.
Transhumanoid Productions are based on Singapore, but the team is spread across the world, and got together to pursue a shared dream that’s becoming Synapse.

Not a surprise to anyone, there’s a YouTube version, including trailers of all games mentioned in Future Proof, as well as footage from an early Alpha build of Synapse.

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Rated-R – Cyber Synapsing Punks (081)

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