Rated-R – Comical Loot Boxes (096)

Comic Shop Talk is back, with TJ and Drac getting their nerd on, and Bamm joins in with some topical news and a discussion on EA and Loot Boxes!



Also, Bamm and Draconusx have opinions on Loot Boxes in this segment.


Comic Shop Talk 12’17

  • Michael Keaton and Imagine Agents,  Keaton is working on a cinematic adaptation of the Boom! comic Imagine Agents.
  • Justice League, our thoughts on the characters, the film, and the after credit scenes as well as why we think you should go see this DC Movie.
  • Robin revealed, Teen Titans live action show.
  • Batman Ninja trailer debuted and we have some very different opinions on it.
  • Thor Ragnarok, Marvel hits another one out of the park but of course we still have a few thoughts on it.
  • Avengers Trailer, OMG, OMG, OMG it’s happening and we can’t even!
  • Thanos Photoshopping, the internet responds to Thanos and his naked head and they don’t dissapoint, so we thank you for that.
  • World War Hulk II, does Marvel need to do this again?
  • Agents of Shield Season 5 Opener, have you stopped watching? Should you come back to it?

You can grab a YouTube version of this episode right here, along with some Destiny 2 footage, and a bit of Tokyo 42!

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Rated-R – Comical Loot Boxes (096)

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